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Mr Mayank Jain

Big Data Developer & Analyst

Experience & Activities

Mayank is a Big Data Developer & Analyst as well as a Trainer in Big Data. He has over 7+ years of experience in big data, and has worked in leading payemnts and Insurance based industry. He has a rich experience in Java, Python, Unix, Spark framework (Batch, Streaming, SQL, ML), Kafka, Hadoop framework (HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Sqoop), Datameer, ElasticSearch, Redis, Jethro, Modeling techniques : Linear, KNN, Kibana, Tableau, Data Structures, Data transformation, Data analysis, Design Patterns -Singleton, Factory Pattern, Abstract Factory Pattern, XML Parsing API’s – Castor & DOM, Log4J, JUnit, JIRA Tool, Others – Comprehensive problem solving abilities, good verbal and communication skills, ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to learn, lead group.