Emerging India Staffing Solutions is a leading provider of professional services to the public and private sectors worldwide, specializing in the Recruitment, Placement, Corporate & IT Trainings, IT consulting and management arena. Our comprehensive approach, extensive knowledge base and experienced professionals allow us to fully respond to each client’s unique circumstances and requirements. WE specialize in mapping and head hunting, be it in India or abroad.

For each engagement, whatever its scale, we mobilize select resources from our worldwide network. EI Business Solutions’ first-class teams of professional business experts, researchers, specialists, and strategists have the knowledge and experience to improve business performances across organizational silos, across business processes, and across technology platforms.

While our leadership culture demands that we constantly seek out innovative concepts and solutions, our strategic focus never varies from the core mission: Delivering a strategic and sustaining competitive advantage to our clients. At EI Business Solutions, our expertise ranges across key business issues and industries worldwide. Our business experience is deep, and the real results we bring to our clients will always be the standard by which our success is measured.

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