Data Science with R, Python & Machine Learning


Machine learning is one of the key components of datascience. R and Python are one of the most used programming languages and command a huge demand in the data science job market. This module gives you exposure to both R and Python that prepares you for delivering in either of the platforms.


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Data Science with R, Python & Machine Learning


Basics of Database, Types of Databases, DDL, DML, Select, Insert, Update, Delete
Joins, nth highest
Assessments:- Assignment of SQL

R Programming 

 Vector, Matrix, Array, List, DataFrame, Factors
File Handling (upload, download), connecting with database
Functions (Custom/user defined)
Apply Family, Graphs with R
Assessments:- Assignment of R


IDE of Python, Basics of Python, Control Structure, String, Number
List, Dictionary, Sets, Tuples, file handling, functions
Numpy, regular expressions
Pandas, Graphs( Matplotlib), init
Assessments:- Assessment of Python


Descriptive Analytics (mean, median, mode, AM, GM, HM, Quartile, Percentile, Decile, Box plot, range, MD, SD, Variance)
Covariance, Correlation, skewness, kurtosis
Hypothesis Testing (p value)( T-test, Z-test, F-test)
Regression Analysis( simple, mutiple, linear, non linear)
Assessments:- Assessment of Statistics


Classification( training, test, ROC, confusion matrix),KNN, Decision Tree
Probability, Bayes Theorem, Naive Bayes classifier
Clustering(K-Means), Association Mining
Time Series Analysis( differencing, MA, AR, ARMA, ARIMA, exponential smoothing)
Assessments:- Assessment of ML


VBA, Graphs


Formulas in Excel
Assessments:- Excel Assignment


Word, Microsoft powerpoint, Microsoft Vision
Assessments:- Assessment of Word Doccuments


10 Assignment;One Each Topics

Test Series  

2 Full Test


Our live-projects offering prepares you for a range of analytics offerings in data science domain. For this course we would work on these projects:

  1. Time Series Analysis: Forecasting the stock price data using different time series algorithms like ARIMA, HW, EWMA etc in R
  2. Text Analytics: Appling Text Analytics on text data (twitter, online) and calculating polarization, complex words, fog index, text clusteting, text classification in Python
  3. CNN on Image Data: Applying deep learning in image processing, classification and identifying features in Python
  4. Data Cleaning and Manipulation in R and preparing different visualization on Retail data



Curriculum created by the industry experts in collaboration with NASSCOM keeping in mind the industry needs
State-of-the-art infrastructure and fully equipped labs
NASSCOM SSC official study material
Training delivered by Certified and experienced trainersand industry experts
Placement Assistance.
Interview Preparation.
Certificate exam conducted by Emerging India.


What is this program about ?

This program covers key libraries and techniques in R and Python for better understanding of concepts in Machine Learning

What is course duration ?

The course duration is approximately 240 hours

What all topics and tools will be covered in this program ?

Key python and R libraries, creating machine learning models and evaluation models.

How does R and Python help in ML ?

R and Python are most versatile data science programming languages and have vast libraries to choose from to cater to specific scenarios