Big Data Analytics


Data in today’s world is a most important asset for any organization which can do wonders if analyzed properly and used in strategic decisions. Banks, Educational Institutes, Insurance companies, Telecommunication industry, Healthcare institutes are applying big data analytics to improve financially as well as in keeping their customers happy.

Big data technology is a combination of several techniques and processing steps. We offer various solutions like building data lakes, data cubes, analytics engine, data streaming services with the help of latest technologies and tools like HDFS, Hive, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, Spark and Kafka. We also help companies in improving their existing system by suggesting new upcoming tools and best practices used across the globe in various industries.

Machine Learning consulting


Machine Learning is a continuously uprising field with a lot of advancements and algorithms. It has changed the way of computing and given us a chance to foresee problems before businesses face them. We have provided machine learning consulting to various sectors like construction, marketing, sales, investment and medical insurance companies from the UK and Dubai. We have helped them substantially to improve business and increase their clientele. We help our client by not only in solving their current challenges but also train them how to leverage this emerging technology to keep them ahead of their competitors.

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